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"I was referred to Venky by a common friend fourteen months into my divorce case involving custody of a child. I only wish I met Venky as soon as I decided to file for a divorce.
Venky, unlike an attorney, performed a high-level analysis of my case, informed me of its strengths and weaknesses, the possible strategy and its associated costs (both time and money) and the outcomes- most likely, likely and unlikely.
While he has more knowledge of family law and the court system than most practicing attorneys, he worked with my attorney every step of the way and complementing my attorney’s strategy and execution, thereby adding immense value.
Venky strongly advocates mediation instead of litigation as the former is the cost-effective, stress-free, time efficient approach and is not uncertain. No wonder he has 100% success as a mediator given he is meticulous, detail-oriented, logical, and has uncanny knack for visualizing a solution which is a win-win for both the parties at the table and above all, a true passion for conflict resolution.
While the prospect of having to go through a divorce is not pleasant, I strongly recommend meeting Venky even before hiring an attorney."
From a happy client

"I am confident that Venky has the skills and qualities to be a successful Mediator."
Michelle Shughart ( https://www.smu.edu/Simmons/AreasOfStudy/DRC/DR/MasterDispute/Faculty_Staff/Shughart )

"Mediation with Venky leads to a settlement agreement that is highly satisfactory to the parties and an outcome that is virtually stress-free. I am delighted to recommend Venky's work for the most challenging situations."
Kimberly Carlisle ( http://www.thecarlislefirm.com/ )

"Venky Venkatraman, the principal of Zenith Advisory Services, has been representing himself pro se in a trial court case that has some appellate issues. He has contacted me about the appellate issues, and I was quite impressed with his knowledge of the law and the court system. Of the many non-lawyers with whom I've discussed legal topics, Venky is the most capable of high-level legal analysis. Venky has recently started law school and has opened a mediation practice. Based on my conversations with him, I'm confident that he is able to use his own experiences as a litigant and his interpersonal skills to be an very effective mediator."
Chad Ruback ( http://appeal.pro// )

"Mediating with Venky was much more than a success; it was cost-effective; stress-free, and time efficient. I highly recommend his services. "
Kamisha Dumas ( www.lanwt.org )

"Venky is a good friend of mine and meticulous in his work. Based on my conversations with him over the years, I have been aware he has been representing himself pro se effectively in his own legal matters. With his experience and problem solving skill-sets (coming from his engineering and management background to which he is in the process of adding a law degree), Venky can be an excellent mediator, making the mediation process easy, harmonious and non-adversarial and at the same time being able to achieve a win-win for both sides. I wish him good luck in his career."
Saurabh Nathany ( http://rsmlawpllc.com/other-professionals/ )